Our mission

Hollywood Crowd is a platform dedicated to giving audio/visual artists (e.g., actors, writers, directors, etc.) equal access to the entertainment industry.

The current talent search system hindered by an outdated "gatekeeper" structure.  Talented individuals struggle to get past  agents, managers, casting directors and other gatekeepers in order to be discovered.  Unfortunately, most of the time it is who you know, not your talent, that is more important.

Our mission is to provide talent equal access by using technology to level the playing field.

We are currently in the research and development phase, building our artificial intelligence algorithm called "AI Talent Scout" that will identify truly gifted actors and writers.  Once identified, the members of the Hollywood Crowd will champion the talent, with the goal of helping true talent succeed.

We would love to have you be part of this journey.  We are looking for actors, writers and potential scouts who would like to participate in our research study.





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Actor with clapboard

Actor Scout

Our "Actor Scout" app will provide actors the opportunity to show their acting talent and be discovered by the Hollywood Crowd


Literary Scout

Our "Literary Scout" app will allow aspiring novelists and screenwriters to submit a sample of their writing to be judged by the Hollywood Crowd.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in becoming part of the Hollywood Crowd, please send us a quick note telling us what your talent is (e.g., acting, writing, talent scouting) on how you'd like to be part of our movement.